Thursday, 21 June 2018

The King Congratulates Salameh “Determination and resolution are characters of our youth”

May 16, 2017

His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed his pride in the Jordanian adventurer, Mostafa Salameh, on his achievement stating “Determination and resolution are characters of our youth, who are able to overcome the hardest challenges to achieve their dreams. I am proud of the achievements of our hero Mostafa Salameh”

Jordan Kuwait Bank also congratulated Salameh on his formidable achievement; becoming one of only seven in the World to climb the seven highest mountains, ski the two poles and finally ski across Greenland from north to south.

Jordan Kuwait Bank had previously announced its support and sponsorship of Salameh’s journey to cross Greenland where Mr. Haethum Buttikhi, Head of Retail and Private Banking at Jordan Kuwait Bank stated: "This sponsorship represents the role of the Bank in the field of social responsibility and its continued support to the Jordanian youth; motivating them to reach their desire at all local and international levels, and specifically the Jordanian sports scence. We hope Mostafa Salameh a safe and successful journey crossing Greenland to become the first Arab to achieve this title”.

Salameh is considered as an influential figure in supporting youth; holding lectures and motivational sessions for young men and women in several countries to encourage them to achieve their goals. He also carries various awareness messages through his journeys on humanitarian issues such as supporting cancer patients. During his visit to the Bank, Salameh presented a motivational lecture and showed documentary films regarding his trips to members of the Bank's staff, and talked about his adventures with the aim to motivate JKB staff and inspire them to have strong will and determination towards achieving their goals and aspirations, in addition to challenging the difficulties they face.

After successfully and safely completing his adventure, Mostafa Salameh said that with the continued support and encouragement of His Majesty King Abdullah II, it took him three weeks to ski across Greenland from the north to the south at an average of eight hours a day, during which he faced many difficulties and challenges. The journey was not easy; with hills and valleys, which he had to cross carrying food, clothes and tools weighing up to 100 kg.

At the end of his message, Mostafa Salameh paid tribute to the important and distinguished role of His Majesty King Abdullah II in supporting and guiding young people; urging them to move forward in all fields whether science, sport or arts to raise the status of Jordan's youth locally and internationally. He also presented this achievement to His Majesty the King, the Jordanian people and all those who believed in his message to support cancer patients and especially the King Hussein Cancer Center, and support for the Palestinian cause and the refugees around the world, and to all his supporters, including Jordan Kuwait Bank.